Bennette Productions

The revue of Ferrum High School - "Class of 2018". The revue was recorded in September 2018. This was quite a large production with close to 200 performers over 5 days of performances . Well done class of 2018!


A very entertaining production from Hilldrop Heritage Primary School, held on 19 September 2018, Newcastle.


Pioniertjie Kleuterskool konsert gebasseer op die Tolls rolprent.Opgeneem op 20 September 2018, Volksrust



This concert marks the closing of the En Stage dance studio in Volksrust, Pionier Primary School with a funfare celebration of diverse cultural dance items in the "Around the World" concert. 3 November 2017


An awesome ballet production performed over 3 evenings at Ferrum High School, Newcastle.This ballet performance is a combination of "en Stage Dance Studio" and "Jenny Devenish School of Ballet" 


This is the 2015 showcase of three ballet schools in Newcastle held on 4 December 2015:

  • En Stage Dance School
  • Jenny Devenish School of Ballet
  • Strawberry Dance Studio. 

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We recorded the concert of Bergsig Pre-Primary school on 5 September 2015, "Skoonlief en die Ondier"

We recorded the ballet concert Alice in Wonderland  on 26 November 2014 as presented by enStage Ballet Studio

'n Produksie wat deur 'n groep vroue uitgevoer is te NG Kerk Kruine, Newcastle op 21 en 23 November 2014