Bennette Productions

Bennette Productions consists of a husband and wife team, Bennie and Annette Rothmann.  We are located in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, South-Africa.


Our aim is to provide quality video productions - tailor-made to suit our customer's requirements.

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Scope of our work

A video production involves the following:

  • Planning and pre-production
  • Shooting (setup equipment and execution)
  • Post-production (video editing, graphic design, music integration, narration and quailty control)
  • Delivery

Video equipment

We currently do productions in high definition using Canon DSLR cameras (Canon 70D).


In most cases we deliver the final product as a DVD production but also as high definition video production (soon available on Blue-Ray disk).

We also publish productions on YouTube and make some productions available via Dropbox for client downloads.

Philosophy and Beliefs

We are followers of Jesus Christ and are quite involved in our church and community.